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2012 keys To Success Lesson 1

Hello to my 7 billion brothers and sisters on planet earth, Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. 2012 is a year of completion so I pray that we all start something big and follow these 3 keys to success in our success series.

(1) Decision-We all have to decide on the direction we want to go and who we are prepared to listen to and follow.

(2) Action-This is where most people start to drop off, a lot of people are in the perpetual learning stage. where they are constantly soaking in new information but never really doing anything.

(3) Persistence- This is where 95% of the people will drop off. Most people encounter the first bit of trouble... the first sign that something does not work 100% as advertised and they give up.

My first new year message to you is very simple "nothing works 100% as you think it will except the Word of God everything else you will have to make adjustments. Like an airplane that took off and is doing great but when it's time to land, there is something on the runway. The Pilot have to make adjustments so that the plane gets to the destination safely. So my brothers and sisters life is about deciding to do something, taking action, and then persisting until you make things happen.


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